Middle East Advisory Group (MEAG)

5 Samir Mokhtar st. Nabil Alwaqad st., el-golf , Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt
مدينة نصر، القـــاهرة، مصر

26901524 - 24148136



Middle East Advisory Group (MEAG)

Middle East Advisory Group (MEAG) is a share holder company that established in 1976 under the investment law 49 0f 1974. It is a multi-disciplinary management consultancy firm that serves the needs of professionals in different fields. MEAG clients are well-diversified, including: government and non governmental organizations. Those clients are well-established local and multinational organizations and agencies operating in Egypt, Middle East and Africa. MEAG record of successful assignment spans a broad of activities in the different economic and social sectors. Sectors served include: oil & gas, agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure (water & wastewater, electricity, transport, airports, telecommunication), information technology, banking and non-banking financial services, trade, education & research, health, tourism, social services. Our roster of experts and trainers is comprehensive and selective, bringing together the highest caliber of academia and practitioners, who have consistently demonstrated the best blend of knowledge, professionalism, practical experience and ethnics. Our Business Services: Administrative & Secretarial Sales & Marketing Human Resources Development Managerial Skills Leadership Skills Public Relations Customer Service Health and Safety Finance & Accounting Purchasing & Contract Management Project Management Language Teaching Teacher Training

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