Global Project Services (GPS)

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Global Project Services (GPS)

Global Project Services (GPS) is established and still expanding company that offers its clients top quality manpower solutions, services and supply that are tailored to specific clients and projects in Egypt, as well as the middle east. We cover many sectors – starting from oil exploration, petrochemical through waste water treatment plants, power plants finishing on road constructions, major civil projects and hospitals. At GPS we passionately believe that every company has different needs. We therefore treat each project on an individual basis, with the overall objective of adding value to your business. GPS specialize in delivering exceptional candidates to demanding technical environments. We take pride in finding the very best professionals in the most flexible way. Our manpower supplies have years of experience working within their chosen disciplines. Their technical knowledge and tireless commitment drive us toward our collective goal: To provide the most comprehensive and effective talent resourcing solution possible. The complete solution that we can supply our clients with means not only finding the most suitable candidates but also dealing with payroll, insurance, transportation and, in case of expatriate manpower, also visa and work permit. This wrap around service comes at an unbeatable value for any organization which wants to reduce costs, legal and financial risks and increase productivity.

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